The LaunchVT Connector is a searchable database of Vermont organizations that help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. Organizations are catalogued by the services they provide and the stage of business they support. Find the right local support organization for your business and get connected!

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The Launch Report is an executive summary that you can use to analyze and present your business. The report covers important aspects of your business and there is explainer text to help you complete each section. You are welcome to use this report in whatever way it is most helpful for your business. Feel free to add, delete, or edit categories so that the report presents your business in the best way possible. The report can be used to apply for acceleration programs and funding, and it can help you refine your pitch deck and recruit talent. Good luck!

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No-nonsense insight on pitching your product or service to anyone, anywhere. We’ve compiled a list of our biggest takeaways after years of working with entrepreneurs on their pitches. We’ve also included a basic template as a starting point for your structure but we strongly encourage you to create several presentations customized for the audience, purpose, type of presentation, and amount of time. Mix it up and make it work for your biz, we just wanted to list out the essentials so you know you’ve got everything covered. Above all else, be bold, go big, and make your awesomeness know to the world, we’re rooting for you!