Steve and Jen Swanson (and their kids), of Tomorrow's Harvest

Steve and Jen Swanson (and their kids), of Tomorrow's Harvest


launchvt 2017 finalist
tomorrow's harvest

Describe your business.

We are the first cricket farm for human consumption in Vermont.  Crickets represent the most sustainable form of high quality protein there is, and they can be ground in to a powder that can be used in almost any recipe.  Completely out of sight, out of mind…and really good for you and the planet.



Tell us about your team - why are you the right people for this venture?


I (Steve) have been in the restaurant industry my entire life and am intimately familiar with food and food trends, as well as what people respond to in food.  Jen has been in sales her whole career and is also a great cook able to identify the strengths of our product in different recipes.

Why Vermont?

No other state is as well suited to help us grow this business than Vermont.  We are focused on agriculture, innovation and sustainability and Vermont is extremely strong in all of those areas.

Why should you win LaunchVT?

Our goals aren’t just to grow our company.  We are in this to help solve some of the most pressing issues of out time, including climate change and global hunger.  LaunchVT is an amazing opportunity for us to take very concrete steps to achieve our immediate goal of moving into a warehouse here in Williston.