Matt Shea and Ryan McDevitt, of Greenscale Technologies

Matt Shea and Ryan McDevitt, of Greenscale Technologies


Launchvt 2017 finalist 
Greenscale technologies

Describe your business.

Over the next 10 years, 1000’s of small satellites will be launched into space to provide high-speed internet to every corner of the globe.  At GreenScale Technologies, we are building the next generation of propulsion systems to increase the value, reliability and safety of these small satellites.

Tell us about your team - why are you the right people for this venture?

We have been friends and colleagues since our time as undergrads.  In the years since graduation, I (Ryan) received my Ph.D. working on a NASA small satellite propulsion grant at UVM, while Matt worked as a Product Engineer at Draper Labs in Cambridge, MA bringing R&D to market.  Our strength lies in our close working relationship, our complementary technical skills and our shared vision for a future where small satellites provide everyone with access to space.

Why Vermont?

Our close working relationship with the University of Vermont has been a huge asset during our early stages.  As we grow, we will leverage this partnership to design and build products that reflect Vermont’s responsible stewardship of natural resources and our focus on pragmatic solutions to challenging problems.

Why should you win LaunchVT?

GreenScale Technologies is a 2016 national “Best University Startup” and a 2017 “National Innovation Award” recipient.  We’re working to build upon this momentum by winning LaunchVT, which will support our efforts to bring this product to market.