Sap! Maple Water, 2016 Launchvt finalist, on WCAX

"'I like to see young people do well, so they asked if I would help them out and they could buy sap from me and I said yes,' said J.R. Sloan.

A truck carrying 6,000 gallons of sap is on its way down to Middlebury to be canned at Woodchuck Cider.

'They've been really accommodating and great to work with. There's nothing like seeing maple sap come out of the canning line and you can grab it right off the can line, crack it open and take a sip.  It's really, really cool,' Salmon said.

'Part of our goal to starting the business is to have a really great positive impact on Vermont, and that's really manifested itself over the last few years in ways that we may not have really expected,' Smith said."

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