LaunchVT Collegiate is a pitch competition for young entrepreneurs at Vermont's colleges and universities. Entrepreneurs compete in pitch competitions at their respective schools, and the winners compete for cash prizes at the Final LaunchVT Collegiate competition. The winner of LaunchVT Collegiate is automatically awarded a spot in the next LaunchVT cohort.

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attend the 2018 Competition

February 15th  |  4-7pm @ UVM Davis Center - Livak Ballroom 

The LaunchVT Collegiate Final Pitch Competition is FREE and open to the public. Fill out the form below to reserve your spot to see the next generation of Vermont entrepreneurs! If you're a student entrepreneur contact your school's faculty advisor (see below) to apply for the competition.

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Participating Schools

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Program overview:


Pitch Competition

Each collegiate team will have 7 minutes to present their pitch, followed by three minutes of Q&A. A panel of three judges will determine if the plan is viable and offers a likelihood of meaningful growth and successful business using the following criteria:

  • Industry and Target Market (What problem/need is the business solving/addressing? How big is the opportunity?)
  • Product/Service Design (What is the product/service? Does the product/service provide value in a unique way?)
  • Business Model (How will the business generate revenue? Is the model profitable?)
  • Team (What experiences and skills does the team have? How will they be applied to this business?)
  • Presentation (Was the business plan and opportunity clearly communicated? Were there adequate answers for Q&A?)  
  • Use of Funds (What are the team's financial resources and how would any prize money be used?)

Cash prizes will be awarded to the winning teams and the overall winner will have the opportunity to participate in the 2018 LaunchVT cohort. 


Advisory Session

After the pitch competition each team will work with an advisor from a different school during an intensive feedback and strategy session. During the advisory session, teams will receive feedback on the their pitches and business models, and they will get strategic advice from a business expert.

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To apply, please select the faculty contact associated with your institution (below) and send an email expressing your interest in participating.